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D Gray man Hallow Opening Song

"D.Gray-man HALLOW" Anime Episode Count Listed - Yu Kanda's Birthday Celebrated

Since when has there been a new Voltron anime?

Netflix, DreamWorks' Voltron Reimagining Clip Shows Shiro, Sendak Fighting

sounds like a blast.

Yokohama’s Pikachu Outbreak to return with all-new “Dripping Wet Splash Show”!

Would the final bullet point perhaps read better as:
She comes with three expressions including: a smiling expression, an embarrassed expression, and a confident expression for bombarding her opponents.

Say "Guten Morgen!" To German Ship Girl Prinz Eugen "KanColle" Figma

Highly anticipated is an understatement. I am really hoping that this anime will keep the murder mystery motif, because with the factor of having escaped the academy there would a lot of interesting things they could do with it.

Danganronpa 3 TV anime’s story finally revealed

Didn’t expect this to happen. Great news. One Punch Man was my fav of the season.

"One Punch Man" Manga Illustrator Covers "Spider-Man" Collection

Kind of disappointed that the “13 minute preview” was over 5 minutes of exposition from the last two episodes.

We basically only saw around 8 minutes of new material. That being said, it looks awesome! I can’t wait to see the full thing!

Gundam the Origin III: Dawn of Rebellion's 1st 13 Minutes Streamed

Long live Gundam. The writing is outstanding on this series!

Gundam the Origin III: Dawn of Rebellion's 1st 13 Minutes Streamed

Too much happened in one episode… The pacing is a little too fast, especially for a two-cour series. It’s pretty generic too. Lol, that purple-haired prince tried to lay a Macbeth move (and failed)

Aoi Yuki Joins TV Anime "Endride" as Mysterious Girl Mischa

That is weird… No wonder they will air it late at night.

Takashi Taniguchi's Onara Gorō Project Gets TV Anime Shorts Starting in July

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