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    Rosie Graf

    What I’d want in a Xenoverse 2 game:
    – Full character roster (anime, movies, specials, etc.)
    – Customizable auras (can choose from a color palette)
    – Fighting style selection for CAC – Beam struggles
    – Menu screen that allows you to go to hub world, parallel quests, VS mode, etc.
    – Hub world in the style of Budokai 3 / Ultimate Tenkaichi
    – Full range of transformations for all races as seen in anime
    – Tail option for Saiyans (with condition of SSJ4 only achievable if tail given to CAC)
    – Real-time battles within hub world (including co-op mode) containing enemies spawning with respect to your character’s level
    – Death in real-time battles causing you to be sent to Other World where you’re able to train and/or meet some other conditions before returning to the living world
    – Karma system that effects your character’s fighting style and battle intensity as you level up (also determines where you get sent when you die in battle)

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in Works? Goku’s Voice Actor Talks Games, Super
    Rosie Graf

    When I heard Trigger was making a new show, I got incredibly excited. Kill la Kill is one of my favorite shows of all time, and it showed how talented the folks at Trigger were.

    Aniplex Japan Sets ‘Kiznaiver’ Anime DVD/BD Release Plans
    Rosie Graf

    I used to love to play the Shinobi games on Mega Drive! Great news!

    Sega Co-Develops Film Based on Shinobi Game